2nd Burghfield Brownies have a busy programme this term. They are doing the World Issues badge which is proving fun. Last week they had an evening on water. The Brownies tasted different sorts of water ( tap, filtered etc,) and decided on their favourite and tried to sort out which water was which. They also had a demonstration on how water can be made clean with a special filter, two friends of the Pack Leader that are involved with a charity called Aquabox came in to talk about the Charity and give the demonstration on the filter and talk about what else gets sent out to disaster victims after earthquakes etc.

The Brownies are going to try and knit squares next week to make a baby's blanket that can be sent out to disaster victims via the Aquabox charity. The Pack was lucky enough to be given 30 pairs of children's knitting needles by a wholesaler that the Leader, Michelle Bolton got in touch with. As Michelle said, some people are just so kind and helpful, these would have cost at least £36!

Last week the Brownies had a fantastic evening with the rainforest music workshop (thanks to Burghfield Residents Association) run by Max Hunt. He talked a about the different cultures in the rainforest areas around the world and showed footage of some music being made by different rainforest people. The Brownies then played a whole range of different instruments. Max made recordings of this and then the Brownies received a recording to keep of their music making that Max edited for them.

Many thanks to the BRA for their lovely donation

Michelle Bolton

2nd Burghfield Brownies.

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