Summer 2016

In this edition we have photographs and stories of the 25th May Fayre Anniversary, that took place on the Hatch in Burghfield Village.


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Friday evening 6th May saw the start of the May Fayre weekend with the BGT show in the big marquee. The bar, which offered local beers and ciders, lager and wine by the bottle or glass, was open from 7pm, with the show beginning at 7.45.

Once again Deaf Dawgs got the show of to a great start and the band were there again at the end playing music we all enjoyed dancing to. Deaf Dawgs are made up of - Neil on drums, Joff, Zac and George on guitar and Melanie on vocals – accompanied by the voice of Zac at times.

Deaf Dawgs showed again why they are the stalwarts of the Burghfield’s Got Talent Show. 

Aaron Dolding then sang for us and he was followed by Izziiee Jewell both pupils at the Willink School. They were a delight to listen to and the audience asked for more. Their wish was granted when the Willink School Band came on stage together with further singers who were joined by the two soloists Aaron and Izziiee.         


What a start to the show it was. That talent such as this really does exist locally is wonderful and says much for our local secondary school that it is noticed and encouraged to blossom. Take a note of the names of those who performed at this Burghfield’s Got Talent show, they could well be stars of the future.

The popular Air Cadets Band, who stole the show last year and who were given an encore again this year, took us through to the interval playing rousing marches to an appreciative audience.

Those of you who were also at the Fayre on Sunday may have seen the Air Cadets Band playing again in the Arena.

During the interval a buffet meal supplied by Burghfield Spices was enjoyed by all.

Next we had something that was completely different, jugglers and comedians, Shane & Alex. To the amazement of us all, and particularly to members of the audience who were asked to assist, Alex balanced on a ladder and Shane on a Uni cycle and juggled whilst making hilarious comments. Another example of the quality, of local talent. Thank you so much boys for such an exciting, funny and enjoyable performance.

A change of mood was next with singing sensation, Georgia Collins. She sang like an angel, so many said and although she entertained us for just fifteen minutes or so, we could have listened to her for much longer. Georgia, doesn’t move around the stage much but lets her voice ‘do the talking’ She really is sensational and we thank you Georgia for taking the time to entertain us and be part of the 2016 Burghfield’s Got Talent show.

Elvis entertained us, or rather Peter Dudman the ‘singing fruit and veg man’ and brought everyone on to the dance floor young and not so young, to live again the music of the ‘The King’.  

The beautiful voice of Charlotte completed the line up before Deaf Dawgs were brought back again to play music to dance to until the show closed at midnight.

Everyone who was at this year’s Burghfield’s Got Talent show were able to experience and enjoy the depth of our local talent. It really was an evening of stunning entertainment.

A big thank you to all those who took part or came to see them.


Saturday evening 7th May was the turn of the professionals. The bar was open again from 7pm and the show began at 8pm with Elvis.


Mike Nova as Elvis really got the evening off to a flying start singing as you would expect great Elvis hits in a voice that really made you think ‘The King’ was with us.


Fans of Mike, of which there are many, were soon up on the dance floor, or in between the tables reliving a by gone era, taking us back to the Sixties and Seventies.


Elvis, or rather Mike Nova, to the delight of us all returned towards the end of the evening for a great finale and final opportunity to dance the night away.


The Beatles Tribute Band, as they are known, really lived up to their name and for all fans of the Fab Four really brought a sense of nostalgia to the evening.


For almost two hours we were taken back in time to those glorious days in the Sixties when hit after hit was given to us by John, Paul, George and Ringo. Their music was played throughout the world  and here we were able to enjoy it all again.


The dance floor was never empty with old and not so old letting their hair down and enjoying the occasion. What a night!!

Throughout the evening a buffet meal was on offer prepared  and cooked by Iain McEleny, a restauranteur and one of the original founders of the May Fayre. Iain and his wife Ally, who moved away some years ago, made a special journey to be with us on this 25 th anniversary weekend. The chilli con carni they dished up to satisfy the hunger of 200 people was absolutely delicious, as all those fortunate to be there that evening agreed.


The day dawned brightly, as was forecast and the Burghfield Residents Committee together with their helpers were there from early on making sure all was ready. The crowds began to pour in from the time the gates opened at 10am and were enjoying all that the Fayre had to offer. Over 50 stalls lined the Hatch with more inside the big marquee. These photographs are just some of the many that show visitors to the Fayre. More can be seen on the BRA website. www.burghfield


The picture on the right shows children playing on the bouncing hoppers in the Arena while the crowds waited for the next act to take place. Throughout the day the arena was a place of varied entertainment. Traditional Maypole dancing, the Air Cadets Band, all kinds of different shapes and sizes in the ever popular Dog Show, and so much more.


Keeping us informed throughout the day, in his inimitable fashion, of all that was taking place was our own ‘Voice of the Fayre’, Nick Morse. Nick’s welcoming voice and ability to bring humour in to what he says is a big attraction to all who visit the Fayre. Thanks Nick.


A new addition to the Fayre this year this year was a Steel Band. Situated outside the Arena they entertained us with their unique sound throughout the afternoon to the enjoyment of many, particularly those in the nearby Ice Cream queue.


The May Fayre really is a family occasion and this year was no exception. People meet up who have not seen each other for some time. Some have perhaps moved away but return each year for the May Fayre, others live locally but work away. Whatever the reason the May Fayre is an occasion that brings people together.


The Tug-o-War, held towards the end of the afternoon in the Arena is always a popular attraction. For many years the local pubs, either the Hatchgate or the Six Bells, have  dominated this event. However it appears their reign may well be over. Eight teams entered the Tug-o-War this year including some ladies, as can be seen in the photograph. The thrilling and hard fought finale, was between the Army Cadets and the Air Cadets. The Air Cadets eventually came out the winners. As usual the Tug-o-War shield was presented by the ‘Duchess of Burghfield’ Polly Bavin landlady of the Six Bells. 2016 was another successful May Fayre weekend for the people of the parish of Burghfield


Around £10,000 was raised which will be donated to local charities and worthy causes.




Not many of our readers will know, that on an 8 acre site at Burghfield Bridge, we have one of the largest metal recycling plants in the UK. Started in 1985 by George Rawlings when he moved here from Wokingham, Reading Metals is now managed by his son, Jimmy. Specialist contractors are on site from time to time but all regularly employed staff are locals.


This is the office and entrance to the site displaying many interesting artefacts that have been deposited by customers

Metal arriving at the plant is stored after being separated in to ferrous and nonferrous metals. A crushing machine which cost £250.000 is used to reduce the metal into ‘bite’ size pieces that can be easily transported. Ferrous metal, which mostly contains iron, is then sent to Tata steel, South Wales, or similar plants, where it is put into melting pots. These pots, which can hold 160 tons of material, recycle the metal back to new steel again for use by car manufacturers and other steel users.

Nonferrous metal, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Lead etc are similarly treated and sent off to the appropriate manufacturer to be recycled and reused. Electric cable is cleverly stripped of its outer casing by a machine developed for the purpose, leaving copper, the metal used in most electric cables, to be transported for recycling.

The customers of Reading Metal range from small businesses such as plumbers bringing in copper piping and brass fittings, to large organisations such as Ikea who recently brought a quantity of steel girders in that were left over from their new building at Theale. Crash barriers from motorways, alloy car wheels, steel lampposts and much more are to found at Reading Metals of Burghfield Bridge. Also welcome are most domestic metal items (other than fridges and freezers) so do call in if you have any metal items to be recycled

Whilst Reading Metals have been kind enough to sponsor this edition of the Residents News we are also grateful for their support of the May Fayre, something which they have done for years. Regularly supporting the May Fayre programme with a full page advert, they also donated the first prize in this year’s raffle, the 49in Flat Screen Television. Thank you Reading Metals and long may you prosper turning our unwanted metal into new again.