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What a fantastic weekend we all had at the May Fayre this year!

• Did you know that the monies raised are given back to local clubs, associations, schools, individuals, and registered charities?
• Did you know that if you are a local club, association, school, individual or registered charity you could apply for funding from the B.R.A. by simply filling in a form.

How does the funding side work?

For funding of up to £500 for smaller projects these are all considered based on your application.  Only after the closing date will applications be reviewed.  For larger projects requesting more than £500 we may ask for a formal presentation to show the committee why you should be considered for a larger donation.  It is then up to the discretion of the committee to determine the amount of funding based on agreement of all members of the committee.

For all donations the B.R.A. will ask for a report when the project is completed or interim reports if this is long term.
To apply for funding please go to https://www.burghfieldresidents.org/donation-requests

The deadline for funding applications is Thursday 22nd September 2022.  All successful funding applicants will be contacted after this deadline.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please speak to one of our committee members on email: BurghfieldResidentsAssociation@Gmail.com

Please be advised not all applications will be successful but careful consideration will be given and voted on accordingly after 22nd September 2022 at the next B.R.A. committee meeting. Please note only local clubs, associations, schools, individuals and registered charities can apply if the funding will benefit the local residents of Burghfield.

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